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YTB100-C Automatic starching labeling machine
    • YTB100-C Automatic starching labeling machine
Product Details

YTB100-C Automatic starching labeling machine is a new generation labeling machine developed by our company, after learning the advanced technology from similar models in Germany. YTB100-C can be directly used when you need to deal with another bottles and labels of similar size, just need to make a small adjustment, not need to change any parts.

It is equipped with pneumatic pump for glue supplying. The glue can be used cyclically.

Easy to operate and affixed labels are accurate and smooth. Currently, it is one of the most advanced starching labeling machine.


1. speed: ≤120 bottles/minute

2. available bottle size: 45-110mm

3. length of label: (20-200)×(80-370)mm

4. Compressed air: 4kg/c㎡ 6L/minute

5. overall size: 2400×820×1000mm

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