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YTB-120A Paste labeling machine
    • YTB-120A Paste labeling machine
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It is suitable for round bottle to be passed with the label in food, pharmacy, daily chemical, pesticide.

Easy to use with the automation program. Automatically signed bottle, no bottle no signed.

The exchange use for big and small bottle is no problem, just need to replace the gasket parts. Low failure rate, use of high effective, fast speed.


1. voltage: 380V 50Hz

2. Motor: 1.1 Kw

3. size of available bottle: diameter 20-120mm

4. max size of bottle: 260mm(width)×100mm(height)

5. production: 0-22m/minute

6. weight: 700kg

7. overall size: 2800mm×9500mm×1000mm

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