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YQG-200-Tube cutting machine
    • YQG-200-Tube cutting machine
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YQG-200 Automatic Tube Cutting Machine


Popular used for tube cutting of saliva ejector.

1. years manufacturer experience since year 1988.

2.CE approved.

3.Safe and high speed.

4.Can cut the tube with metal automatically.

5: work with tube tip assembling machine


1. Computerized Numerical Control:set the cutting length / number / and material feeding speed, cut pipes / tape / cable .

2. Easy Operation:Based on the principle of convenience it is easy to operate.

3.Full automatic: pre-set cutting length, amount and feeding speed, quickly and efficiently cut materials.

4. English LCD display, easy to read.

5. Available to set Pause and Delay for batch cutting

6. Auto-stop when cutting is finished. No need to press Stop button. Save labor.

7: Cutting speed: max 200 pcs of tubes per minute

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