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YPC16-C PVA film packing machine
    • YPC16-C PVA film packing machine
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YPC16-C machine is used to pack and seal the two materials (powder and liquid) into water soluble film. One of its popular application is the washing detergent powder packing. Machine working function, including automatic pull film, automatic feed material and automatic sealing, and automatic end product extraction. Machine in PLC control and is equipped with temperature control unit to adjust the heating. Machine is wholly made of SS304, clean and nice. Equipped with vacuum pump, it can help the end product in good sealing effective.

Spec of YPC16-C machine:

1: Used to pack and seal 2 materials(liquid and powder) into water soluble film.

2:speed: 20-30 pcs/minute

3: Power: 7.0 kw

4: Air: 0.6Mpa

5:Voltage: 380V 3p 50Hz/60Hz

6: Packing weight: 18-25g (also available for tailor designed for others)

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