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YFH110-A/B Horizontal automatic bag packing machine
    • YFH110-A/B Horizontal automatic bag packing machine
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It is suitable for small bag products, such as in three-side sealing, four-side sealing. It is controlled by programmable microcomputer and Photoelectric sensor. Its main electrical components are imported, more reliable and easier to use.

YFH110-A/B Horizontal automatic bag packing machine is widely used for composite film bag filling in food ingredients, chemical reagents, milk powder, additives, veterinary drugs, pesticides, fuel, and chemical reagents. It can meet the requirements of the different sectors of the high-quality product packaging.


1. Using a variety of standard sealing, form a multi-layered security protection to products, and extend product shelf life.

2. The packaging process is intuitive, operation method is simple and quick and easy to adjust specifications.

3. As necessary, it is readily convertible for products in three sides sealing change into four side sealing.

4. Can automatic feeding if coupled with feeder.


1. Model: YFHll0-A

2. width of packed bag: 50-110 mm

3. Height of packed bag :50 - 130 mm

4. Packing Capacity: 1-30 grams of powder, liquid 2-30 ml

5. Measurement accuracy: ± 1.5%

6. Film roll diameter: 500 mm

7. Packing speed: 50 bags / min

8. Machine Net Weight: 470 kg

9. Dimensions: 2150 x 750 x 2200 mm

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