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Single capping machine
    • Single capping machine
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YTB160-A Automatic round bottle sticker labeling machine is popular to paste up the adhesive labels on cylinder bottles, widely used in food, pharmacy, and daily chemical pesticide, cosmetic and other industries.

YTB160-A is controlled by programmed PLC and Label sending is through Optoelectronics checking bottles.


*high efficient production

*affixed labels are accurate and smooth

*machine performance is stable and reliable

*also it has functions, including bottle Redress, bottle separating and counting. Easy to use. (can automatically print the production batch number into bottle if equipping with a Hot code printer)


1. model: YTBl60-A

2. size of pasted bottle: 20-120mm

3. height of pasted label: 25-160mm

4. Conveyor speed: 0—20m/minute

5. label: end of lap- 350; inner hole- 76mm

6. overall size: 2000×700×1300mm

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