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Servo version pouch filling packing machine
    • Servo version pouch filling packing machine
Product Details

Servo standard is a improved and advanced one than old version.

Mainly improve part of machine is the film pulling system.

In servo standard machine, not need to mechanically change the position of film, only need to set the data of packed pouch size in touch screen, machine will automatically adjust by system. More convenient and accurate than old version.

Machine introduction:

This is a improved version horizontal filling packing machine, in servo standard. Its film pulling system is controlled by servo system. Directly set the data in touch screen on the pouch length you need, machine can automatically adjust into correct data. No need manual operation on how to find correct position for film.

It is used to fill powder/granulate/liquid/tablet into small bags automatically. Also it can be used for aluminum film/paper film bag packaging with three-side sealing and four-side sealing, nicer appearance of finished product, better sealing performance, and higher pass rate.

It can pack with the double bags or three bags for small-size in measuring packing, which makes packing production greatly expand, production capacity increases exponentially.

It is widely used in bag filling for powder, liquid, granulate ,tablet in food, pharmaceuticals, and pesticides, cosmetic and other industries.


1. Maximum size of the bag: 180 (W) × 225 mm (H);

2. minimum size of the bag: 85 (W) × 100 mm (H);

3. Max Packing speed :for your products, about 60 bags per minute

4. maximum amount of packaging: 500 g

5. measurement accuracy: ± 1%

6. maximum diameter of the roll film: 400 mm

7. inner hole diameter of package film: 70-80 mm

8. Total power: 3.0 kW

9. Dimensions: 3000 × 950 × 2100 mm

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