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Screw capping machine
    • Screw capping machine
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YXG160-A automatic inline capping machine
YXG160-A automatic inline capping machine is one of our new type products developed by our company based on our many years of practice.

* Elegant appearance, smart and light weight.
* High capping speed,
* High pass rate.

With such characters, YXG160-A Corrosion automatic inline capping machine is suitable for Different bottle cap in food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, pesticides, cosmetics and other industries.
It is equipped with 4 sets of speed control motors, which are respectively used for supplying cap, clip bottle, transfer and cap. With high automation program, it is of good stability and easy to adjust. No need to anything else, when to Change bottle or cap, just need to make some adjustment on machine, for example: Equip a device of supplying cap, bottle caps are automatically supplied.




Production capacity

160 bottles / minute

Cap size

15-70 mm

Diameter of bottle

35-140 mm

Height of bottle

38-300 mm

Working air pressure

3-5 kg / cm²

Overall size

2000× 870× 1500 mm

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