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Anti-corrosive single screw capping machine
    • Anti-corrosive single screw capping machine
Product Details

1: Machine use introduction

Automatic capping machine, it is suitable for all kinds of standard plastic and glass bottles Machine is in the rotary structure and sealed by clean plexiglass window, convey the caps by scraping plate, and finish the cap installing in the process of bottle rotary. The whole machine adopts PLC control, touch type man-machine interface.The whole machine adopts PLC control, touch type man-machine interface, easy to operate.

2: Characters

Machine is made of ANTI-CORROSIVE PP plate, not only beautiful, but also anti-corrosive and health, etc..

A. It is applicable for various types of bottles, easy to switch the cap specification in a short time

B. It uses a powerful PLC, touch screen, photoelectric control. Stable and reliable operation, high production efficiency and strong applicability.

C. Also it is added a motor step less speed regulation function

3: Specification

A. Model: YXG6-B

B. Cap range: customized

C. Qualified rate: more than 99% c..

D. Speed 30-60 bottles / min

E. Rated power 1 KW

F. Operating voltage 220V/50HZ

G. Machine size 1600X1250X1950 mm

H. If caps are same, machine can work for other bottles Just need to change bottle mould.

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