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YK-30 Semi Automatic Quantitative Filling Machine
    • YK-30 Semi Automatic Quantitative Filling Machine
Product Details

It is a semi-automatic filling machine suitable for automatic measuring filling for powder and granulates, and also manual bag feeding. Only need one people. popular in food, flour, milk powder, spices, sugar, MSG, washing powder, additives, seeds, pesticides, chemicals and so on.


Its feeding is controlled by stepper motor and photoelectric sensor. It is equipped a feedback system of automatic measurement, automatically filling, automatic correction of the measured weighing, which ensures the accuracy of the measurement.

If the enquired amount of packaging in 5-500 grams, not need to change machine, just need to adjust it in this same fill device. If more than 500g, need to replace a new device.


1. Measurement range :10-2500 g

2. Measurement error: ± 1%

3. Packing speed: ≥ 35 bags

4. Machine power: 1 Kw

5. Weight: 150 kg

6. Dimension of Host: 700x600x1600 mm

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